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Ordered the Hand-Picked Royal Old Tree MSW Durian (TSW) and was splendid!

Shaun Lim

13:21 01 Jul 18

Fast delivery and good. Will purchase again.

Jacob Biscuit

12:11 02 Jul 18

I tried three types of durian with my family. I did not expect the durians to be that good as I only bought them because their prices were competitive. But they were superb. One was creamy, one was bittersweet, the other was a mix of both. Definitely will buy again this durian season.

Jie Te Jacob Tan

15:40 25 Mar 18

It was my first time trying during this durian season and I have to say the durian and delivery was amazingly reliable! Seed is flat, meat was thick and fleshy and packed with more bitterness. Honey scent aftertaste lingered before my second hoot~! Truly a place for durian lovers! Will be back again!

Andrey Ng

15:09 25 Mar 18

Excellent, staff were very forthcoming with seasonal prices and delivery arrived within 3 hours. Delivery personnel were very professional, introducing the different varieties to us – great satisfaction ordering it for my New Year’s party.

Alan Tan

09:30 01 Jan 18

Delicious DURIANS! Must try…

Gordon Ho

11:49 05 Jul 18

Great place to have some durians ??


12:06 05 Jul 18

Fresh king of the food was delivered in no time. Well package. Satisfied my craving with the delivery.

Mobile 66

13:23 11 Jul 18

The service are good, the durians quality also good, worth money

Philip Ng

13:26 11 Jul 18

Great stuff! First time buying from Melvins. Definitely a place that i will come back again to order more and recommend it to all family and friends.

Melvin Tang

09:51 18 Jul 18

First time ordering from them after the other stall i had ordered in advance failed to provide the delivery at the very last min. Durian delivered were fresh and rich in aroma. The flesh taste is superb and full. I will order again in future.

Alex Ang

00:51 21 Jul 18

To a European, I must say the smell and taste of durian needs some getting used to. But, hey, I got to love it after a first attempt! Great tasting!

Jennifer telsa

09:22 31 Aug 18

Made a last minute order with them and I must say I’m really impressed by their service. customer coordinator was very polite and professional, and their express delivery mode was great! I received my durians in less than two hours! their maoshanwang quality was excellent, exactly the one I liked, bittersweet and not too wet not too dry, just nice!

Neoo zy

07:48 25 Nov 18

We’re glad we chose Duriandelivery.com.sg. Old Tree MSW was pretty good. Delivery was fast and friendly. Will patronize again

SamandTrish Adverts

20:45 25 Nov 18

very good service. ordered for midnight delivery was fast and friendly delivery person. thanks Jonathan.

Emini Noob

18:44 23 Nov 18

Very good durians.. tried many stalls and most satisfied with their durians this season so far!

Choong Yong Thai

14:11 06 Dec 18

110% recommended. They deliver top quality durian as promised. Can’t think of a better team than these experts. Remember to indicate if you want air sealed or not. Happy eating!

chin wei chua

07:20 01 Feb 19

Ordered twice from this shop 800g x 2 Old Tree MSW. Happened to chance upon this gem while I was googling durian delivery Singapore, I tried many other stalls like Ah Sxxx, Dr Dxxxxx but none of these stalls can come close to the quality of durians you are paying for. Durian Delivery durians are good in quality and offer free delivery with any orders above $80, with a delivery turnaround of 3 hours thereabouts you can satisfy your durian carvings during any time of the day. Highly recommended will order again!

Ivan Lee

10:21 13 Feb 19

Very good durian! Visit the store. friendly owner and fast delivery. will buy again if got the chance!

Toh Yong Han

11:21 19 Mar 19

a little pricey but quality and service is reliable. worth every cent.

Tarin Ong

07:49 26 May 19

I ordered 3 types of durians recently & delivery was speedy. More importantly, good quality durians, money well spent & worth all the calories! ?

Pearly Lee

13:54 28 May 19

Very responsive customer service, prompt delivery and the durians were first class!

Caroline Lim

15:29 30 May 19

Very good delivery experience with durian delivery! Superb quality on my second purchase! First time was good except a few seeds and they provide discount for it! Definitely not a rip off and the amount spent is worth the service!

Ben Ben Lee

09:28 12 Jun 19

Good fast delivery, top tier durian. Don’t go anywhere else, just come here and order

Shafie Samsudin

09:44 12 Jun 19

Best durian ever!! Good customer service too!!! Would recommend for lazy bum like me! Stay home and durian magically appear ?

shaz decruz

10:59 12 Jun 19

Love their replacement policy. Had a box of watery flesh and told them about it and they immediately send a replacement code for me. Totally worth the service. Definitely will recommend their effort to keep customer happy!

Lee Seng Foo

11:11 12 Jun 19

Very tasty red prawns cheap and solid quality! Heard from Jonathan that this current batch of flowering is ending soon so I’ll buy again tomorrow! Thanks Jonathan!

Lakshmi Narayanan

13:24 12 Jun 19

First time ordering. Very good quality. Best durian i have tasted. Was a bit disappointed when delivery failed to reach me on time. Seller was responsive and told me my order will arrive within 20min. Durian is not cheap but worth it because of the taste and quality. Worth a try.

cfs cfs

14:42 12 Jun 19

As a regular customer to Durian delivery, I had never made my purchase under the impression that they were other vendors like ah Sxxx or hxxxx of Durian. When my purchase had inferior quality, they always compensate me the same amount as long as proof was provided through what’s app. I return the favour by heading down to have a look at their operations and I must say I’m impressed. They will never compromise freshness as they only chop the Durian moments before their deliverymen arrive. Keep it up and ignore the red eyes from other sellers???

chung Szeyin

02:58 13 Jun 19

An excellent gastronomic experience. Ordered 2 Old MSW, 1 MSW, 2 Red prawn. Quality is superb – the taste is rich, the seeds are small, and the flesh super creamy. The order process is hassle free via their website and delivery is on time. Will definitely purchase again!

Xin Yan

08:12 15 Jun 19

Ordered 2 boxes / great Bittersweet taste n creamy texture. We love it. Thanks for bringing this to homes.

chua hui khoon

09:59 12 Jul 19

First time order and superb experience!Very good customer service on WhatsApp!Ordered Black Gold, Old Tree MSW and Red Prawn! Super good quality, remind me of durians I ate 40 years ago. The original flavors! Generous quantity too! Worth the $

Abraham Kee

09:32 25 Jul 19

First time trying and was greatly surprised by what I received. Great tasting durains was delivered. Enjoyed every piece of it. Will definitely order again. Keep up the good work.

andy a

14:42 29 Jul 19

Fuss free ordering. Chose Express delivery and indeed came right on time. Durian is super delicious. Thank u !

Ai Li Tan

14:07 07 Aug 19

I ordered 2 MSW and 1 red prawn. MSW came within the selected time but red prawn was later cos their stocks came later. Very satisfying MSW as I prefer bitter sweet. My mom loves the red prawn as she prefers sweet. All in all was a great experience! Will definitely order again!

Mabel Lim

09:08 09 Aug 19

The durians ordered never disappoint. i have ordered from them numerous times. Response is always good and they are very receptive to feedback. Well done ,Bro.Keepit up.

Desmond Po

12:37 09 Aug 19

The durian was awesome!!! Customer service was awesome. They able to assist me with a change of delivery timing. Keep up the great job. Highly recommended.

Shrn Emzy

11:56 10 Aug 19

Good tasting durians conveniently delivered to your home. What more can you ask for? Seller was also very responsive to queries. Delivery man was very friendly too. Will definitely order again!

Jane Chong

16:39 13 Aug 19

My returned orders. Never once was a disappointment. Fresh & deliciously sweet ! Definitely will return for more. Thank u. Keep up the superb service. ???

Aliah Ishak

14:05 15 Aug 19

Ordered durians at about 1.30pm and they promised to deliver by 4pm. Was a little sceptical about the timing but they delivered on time as promised and the durians was awesome! Good job guys!

yehtp60 .

08:19 15 Dec 19

Great quality, and excellent customer service. Our go-to for durians now!

Chen Xinyi

13:45 18 Dec 19

Previously very hesitate to order on line durain delivery as I felt likely I will receive junk but decided to give it a try with last min order on Christmas day 19. Delivery was fast even on peak and most importantly the quality of the durians! Black gold and red prawn damn super up! What they promised, they deliver.


12:07 25 Dec 19

Ordered the MSW and Red Prawn. Both were as described. The MSW in particular was of excellent quality, vanilla custard like but still with a good hint of bitterness. Red prawn is always subjective but for those who do like red prawn, this batch is of very decent quality.

Han Misti

03:28 30 Dec 19

Quality is absolutely great!

Iana Geras

13:12 10 Jan 20

Best online durian ever. Worth every cent spend. Durian delivered cannot be any fresher than this. Buyers, no need to doubt any more.

Riez Marlin

12:37 11 Jan 20

Ordered MSW/Pahang MSW/Golden phoenix, it was good

BK Tan

10:33 14 Jan 20

Ordered 400 g of the old tree MSW today because of the good review. Was skeptical initially (thats why I ordered 400g instead of 800g) but was pleasantly surprised by the overall experience. From the ease of ordering online, to the prompt delivery, and most importantly, the fruit tastes just as Durian Delivery promised-the seed was relatively flat and the pulp was creamy, full-bodied and had a bitter tinge. Ill definitely come back for more! Shall try either the Golden Phoenix or the Black Gold coz I prefer more bitterness. Thank you, Durian Delivery for the awesome experience!

Gizmo Sunshine

13:07 14 Jan 20

high quality durians that are same day delivered to your doorstep at a decent price. easy to place orders and check on orders via whatsapp so convenience is a plus. would recommend.


17:49 21 Jan 20

Very good quality & good service. Was informed when delivery would be late due to driver & they also followed up. Bought multiple times & also recommended to friends.

Lis Lee

04:54 08 Feb 20

Deliberated for a few months before I commit my first order. I am glad I did and I was pleasantly surprised on the quality of the durian. Ordered the wzw and what came was very rich and intense in flavour. The best was the creamy texture which was what I was looking for. Definitely would come back and get more!


15:37 17 Feb 21

First time order. Delivery around 7pm-9pm.Good durian Quality.

Jeff Ho

07:52 23 Jan 21

Super delicious black gold! My family loves it so much. Will definitely order again

Shimin Ng

05:55 21 Jun 20

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Money back guaranteed for unripe/sour/watery durians.
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Possessing the most complex, sophisticated durian taste, our very own Royal MSW is plucked and cultivated from the oldest, most pedigreed durian trees. At only $29.90 a box, it is a must try for all durian lovers.

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Musang King

Known as the Musang King, or MSW to many, this is the most popular breed of durian. Possessing a sweet, slightly bitter taste, the Musang King captures hearts with its thick, creamy flesh that delights your palate.

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Red Prawn

Known for its intense sweet taste, the Red prawn serves as a good appetizer for a durian meal. Its flesh is creamier than the Royal and Musang King, and it is extremely popular with kinds and those who love sweet tastes.

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