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Location: Block 681 Hougang Avenue 8, Singapore S530681

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Facebook: https://facebook.com/Ah-Teck-Durian/

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Business Hours: 2 PM – 10 PM daily


Ah Teck Durian has been around for a very long time in the Hougang area of Singapore. Founded by an owner of the same name – Ah Teck, this humble stall sells some of the best durians in the region. While they might not be well known, they have a loyal customer base who know that when you buy at Ah Teck, your quality is assured.

Also known as Durian Ang Moh, Ah Teck combined services with Ang Moh in 2017 to bring the best and tastiest durians to the people of Singapore. Their joint venture started after Ang Moh aka Luke who is a Brit living in Singapore met Ah Tek. Ang Moh had been going all over Singapore to find the best durians and was immediately impressed with the service at Ah Teck.

He recognised Ah Teck to be one of the few honest durian sellers around who was not looking to make a quick buck from him because of his then limited knowledge of durians. After their meeting, He and Ah Teck went on several trips to durian farms in Malaysia and ate durian meals for days, it was during this adventure that they came up with the idea of Durian Ang Moh.

Their newfound working relationship attracted a lot of people, foreigners and locals alike to their little store at Hougang. People were really intrigued at the sight of a Brit cutting open and selling durians right in the heart of Singapore.


  • Credible Service

Ah Teck is one of the nicest people in the durian selling business. He has developed a reputation of having very good durians especially during the peak durian season. He rarely ever stocks bad durians and will immediately replace any bad durians once the customer complains. This integrity has endeared him to his customers who constantly brag about the credibility of his service.

He is also willing to share his knowledge on various durians he has come across in his time. Telling customers how to identify good durians and also how to differentiate very similar cultivars from one another.

  • Affordability

While quality is assured at Ah Teck, it does not cost a fortune. Ah Teck goes to great lengths to make sure that gets quality produce for his customers at a modest price. This involves going over to durian plantations in the off-peak seasons to inspect the growth and quality himself.

Ah Teck Durian current stocks only Mao Shan Wangs and Black Gold Mao Shan Wangs. You can get a Mao Shan Wang for a price of $18/kg and Black Gold Mao Shan Wangs for the price of $24/Kg during the peak season which are very competitive prices, even for the low-cost stores.

Delivery information:

  • Delivery is only available if you buy three or more boxes of any cultivar of durians available.

Price Information.

MSW:  $18/Kg

Black Gold MSW: $24/Kg


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