Can Dogs Eat Durians?

Can dogs eat durians?

Dogs are exotic breeds and are choosy eaters whether knowingly or anatomically. Their somewhat elevated, peculiar nature bars them from partaking from every delicacy nature serves. One of these delicacies might and might not be the durian fruit. It is not especially advisable to feed dogs with durians especially dogs with weight problem as durians are high in fat and calories-dense. Though fats are a very crucial part of dog diets. If at all you’d feed your dogs with durians, feed them just meager amount and make sure they exercise to prevent the accumulation of fat in their bodies to ensure that they are in proper health.

The answer – yes they can, but beware of the seed!

The durian seed like most seeds are dangerous to the health of animals due to their cyanide content. Cyanide can be very potent in killing animals, it harms their brains and heart can ultimately leave them without life.

The effect of durian seeds can be likened to the dangerous effects of cherry leaves and seed on dogs. They contain cyanide, a poisonous agent which can be life demanding, the seeds can cause obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs, Cherry seeds like durian seeds contain cyanide that is highly toxic to dogs.

Signs of cyanide poisoning in dogs include, rapid and weighty breathing, skin defects, cardiac arrhythmia, dizziness, and other health abnormalities. Durians could be delicious, but we have to be very careful when feeding them to our dogs, it is understandable that we might want to go the extra mile to give our dogs a good treat or out of curiosity just hand our pets a few slices of Durians. This is not at all bad but dogs as mentioned earlier are adorable and delicate, they should be treated accordingly. There aren’t general facts about durians that prove it to be entirely safe for the consumption of dogs or not safe for the consumption of dogs but the seeds should be avoided in its entirety to prevent our lovely pets from suffering from those symptoms we’ve earlier listed. The outer part of Durians which are spiky and hard shoud also not be fed to dogs. Dogs and cyanides literally should be two parallel lines. If at all our graced dogs would have the privilege of tasting durians, extra efforts should be taken to ensure the durian seed is not in any way going along with the tasty durian into the dog. The effects could be negatively massive.

Apart from the dangerous durian seed, there’s almost no harm identified that could be attendant if dogs are allowed to take Durians. Real life tests show that no allergic reactions at all were recorded in dogs after being fed Durians. Though claims are that durians are high in sugar and the creamy substance can choke dogs and the high sugar can possibly cause yeast infection and diabetes.  Durians have a very offensive odor which has given to it an eclectic range of impressions in even people about the fruit. Dogs after perceiving the odor sometimes bark as a reaction to the strange odor and that’s the only stranged reaction recorded. People feed their dogs durians in Asia where the durians originate from and the dogs do not react at all in any strange away. That might possibly be explained by saying the dogs already are accustomed to the durian diet or durians are harmless to dogs.

How should you feed durians to dogs?

The best way to do this is to hold onto the seed of the durian, making sure that your dog doesn’t eat the seed! Then your dog can enjoy the same food as you!

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