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Durian Royalty

Possessing the most complex, sophisticated durian taste, our very own Royal MSW is plucked and cultivated from the oldest, most pedigreed durian trees. At only $29.90 a box, it is a must try for all durian lovers.

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Musang King

Known as the Musang King, or MSW to many, this is the most popular breed of durian. Possessing a sweet, slightly bitter taste, the Musang King captures hearts with its thick, creamy flesh that delights your palate.

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Sweetness delight!

Red Prawn

Known for its intense sweet taste, the Red prawn serves as a good appetizer for a durian meal. Its flesh is creamier than the Royal and Musang King, and it is extremely popular with kinds and those who love sweet tastes.

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Durian Delivery Done Right

Durian Delivery isnt just packing some durians and sending them off.

Your typical durian store doesnt take the same care and dedication to durian delivery like we do.

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Fresh Durians

Pahang Old Tree MSW


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Fresh Durians

Mao Shan Wang / Musang King (MSW)


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Fresh Durians

Red Prawn


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Learn More About Chong Pang Durian

If you think that Chong Pang isnt a place with great durians, were here to prove you wrong. Our islandwide durian delivery service delivers to Chong Pang, and youll be proud to know that Chong Pang has one of the most durian lovers in Singapore. Being a town with scenic beauty and historic landmarks, Chong Pang hasnt always been known as a place to get durians. All this changes at, with the mission to bring great durians to every place in Singapore. Were not just a delivery service, were also durian lovers who take great pride in curating and choosing only the best durians. What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence we want your durians to reach you in the freshest, most delicious state possible. What started out as a humble delivery service in Chong Pang has become an obsession with optimizing our delivery and packing process to make sure that every durian reaches you in perfect conditions.

If youre living in Chong Pang and looking for durians, then we might be the best choice in Singapore. At, we believe that truly great durians belong in the mouths of every Singaporean.