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Super good. Your D24 is also the best weve tried in a long time. Used to be ahseng fan, now durian delivery is my goto.

Darren Law, Facebook User

Lost count on how many times I get my durians from them. Worth the money! Hassle free. Dont have to go out and look for durian. Whats more when the durians arrive every single one of it is satisfying. Tried getting from other seller, pricy and not as good. They have the Quality durian!

Elyssa Jeffri, Facebook User

Black Gold MSW is like the godfather of Old Tree MSW.

Black Gold is less sweet compare to Old Tree, but bitterness is more intense with an alcoholic aroma, it is perfect!

Maki Sato, Facebook User

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Durian Royalty

Possessing the most complex, sophisticated durian taste, our very own Royal MSW is plucked and cultivated from the oldest, most pedigreed durian trees. At only $29.90 a box, it is a must try for all durian lovers.

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popular fare

Musang King

Known as the Musang King, or MSW to many, this is the most popular breed of durian. Possessing a sweet, slightly bitter taste, the Musang King captures hearts with its thick, creamy flesh that delights your palate.

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Sweetness delight!

Red Prawn

Known for its intense sweet taste, the Red prawn serves as a good appetizer for a durian meal. Its flesh is creamier than the Royal and Musang King, and it is extremely popular with kids and those who love sweet tastes.

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Exclusive Bakery Collaboration

Durian Delivery x The Durian Bakery

How to find the Most Honest Durian Sellers

With the Best Durians

Go For Quality Guarantees (Bao Chi)

Many online durian sellers refuse to provide guarantees, thinking they can pass off bad durian onto consumers.

Get Your Durian Seller to Open the Husk

Many sellers sell durian that are all husk and no meat Look for sellers that guarantee meat, like us!

Only buy Durians From Reputable Sellers

You can taste a difference between high and low grade MSW. So please only go for reputable durian sellers.

The Durian Delivery Specialists Whats our Specialty?

Premium Durian at Affordable Prices

Quality Durians & Tireless Integrity

These things have helped us amass positive customer feedback, which is why we now deliver island-wide.

We often get asked, how does your durian taste so good, but the prices are so good?

Thats thanks to the streamlined delivery & packaging operations we have developed over the years ensuring you make every bang for you buck whilst getting the tastiest Durian in Singapore!

Our Pahang Durian is packaged the day of delivery, ensuring freshness

Visit our store in the morning and youll see trucks and upon trucks coming in with freshly-plucked, top quality durian.

And if you stick around youll see our veteran staff cutting up and packaging the durian to deliver island-wide.

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